Manager & Producer

Sharon is thrilled to announce that she has recently become UK Manager and Representative for Gary Rhodes, Screenwriter, Director and Producer based in Australia.  She is also delighted to now be Producer on two features written by Gary - 'Two Penny Prince' and 'Mary 3691'.

Mary 3691

Mary Isobel Catherine Bernadette O'Brien OBE, professionally known as Dusty Springfield.  This film is about one of the episodes in her life when she was sectioned.  It's a heart wrenching love story as well as a powerful journey for a tortured soul, who we all knew as Dusty.  Sharon is delighted to not only be Producer on this but is also playing Mary's Mother, Catherine O'Brien.

Two Penny Prince

This film is about the great friendship of Marc Bolan and David Bowie (Feld and Jones).  They came together as friends well before fame came knocking.  This is a brief part of their story, albeit one that ends in tragedy.  Bolan the musical Gypsy who turned lyrics on its head and Bowie turned music into legend.  Sharon is Producer on this also and has a small role as the News Reporter. 

Hadrianus & Dark Fall

'Hadrianus' is a 6-part Television Series and 'Dark Fall' is the movie version. The prophesy of the red comet is uncovered, The Vatican is sacked as the rightful claimant of the See of Peter. A million candles burn for the help that never comes.  These amazing scripts are both horrors and come from the pen of scriptwriter Gary Rhodes.  The later Sir John Hurt wrote, after reading them, "it's dark shadows culminate and seep into every page turn.  A story very much worth telling".  

Sharon is thrilled to have been cast as the indominatable 'Lady Martin'.  

The Other Brunel

Sharon recently filmed an exciting promotional sizzle reel for a period drama 'The Other Brunel' detailing the life of Marc Brunel and Sophia Kingdom, the parents of Engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel.  Sharon played one of the lead roles, Sophia Kingdom.

A Mother's Son

Sharon is excited to have been cast by Oceanstorm Films in the lead role of this emotional short film,'A Mother's Son' playing the role of Hilda Cadwallader, a Mother to a son shipped off to France at the outbreak of War in 1914 - who never returned!  Filming will commence in 2022.


'Darker' is a supernatural horror and tells a story of Patrick who is experiencing panic attacks and anxiety disorders and is isolating within his home.  What follows will question his sanity and whether the darker recesses of the mind are at work.  Sharon is delighted to be playing the sinister role of Catherine.  Filming is due to start in 2022 with a release expected in 2022/23.