Sharon Lawrence

Sharon's current CV and Credits can be viewed here 







Ava, SECTIONS (Pilot), Tualen Pictures, Darren Rapier

Detective Powell, MONSTA (Pilot), Gridlock Films, Fredi Nwaka

Lyn, THE BLOCK (Pilot),  DT Film Productions, David Blair 

P.C. Amanda Brent, EASTENDERS, BBC, Toby Frow

Hazel Stokes, Promo for CITY HALL, Fruit District Group, Aaron Thomas

Paramedic, PREMATURE, Liger Films, Rohith S Katbamna

Mrs Hammond, NEW TRICKS, Wall To Wall (New Tricks) Ltd, Matthew Evans

Mrs Prater, JACK THE RIPPER - THE DEFINITIVE STORY, Bulls Eye Lantern Prod., Nirpal Bhogal


Feature Films


Molly, REPENTANCE, Clocktower Films, Oliver James Spalding

Lucy Brabbant, ELECTION NIGHT, Shooting Tiger Pictures, Neil Monaghan

Donna, NO MERCY, Louis Findlay

Yvette, SKINNED, Cobra Films, Terry Lee Coker

Janina Wegierska, THE ANGEL OF AUSCHWITZ, Cobra Films, Terry Lee Coker

DC Dalton, ADVENTURE BOYZ, Latitude Films, Howard Ford

Dorothy, THE HEIRESS, Flare Film (Old Way) Ltd, Chris Bell

Mrs Drakelow, ARE WE DEAD YET?, Gridlock Films, Fredi Nwaka

Sarah, SPLINTER, Bryant Brothers Productions, David Bryant

Jem, RED ARMY HOOLIGANS, Greenway Entertainment, Steven M Smith

Julie, I AM HOOLIGAN, Greenway Entertainment, Steven M Smith

Emily Paige, WITCH, Seventh Dream Ventures, Trev Hayward

Harriet Dawson, MONA, Tales From The Motherland Prod. Ltd, Anthony Abuah

Lauren Griffith, ONE WAY, Hours Apart Films, Aaron Thomas

Nurse April, WELCOME TO CURIOSITY, Jericho Lane Pictures, Ben Pickering

Angela, OUT, Visual Vybe Productions, Alex Lawton

Carmel, WHAT'S THE SCORE, Legacy Corporation, Justin Smith

Christine Reynolds, DARK MATTER, OnView, Mol Smith

Karen Swallow, THE PROFESSION, Q23 Productions, Alex Gylanders

Recruitment Agent, WOOLWICH BOYS, Tales From The Motherland Prod. Ltd, Anthony Abuah

Victim, GANGSTERS, GUNS AND ZOMBIES, Lost Eye Films Ltd, Matt Mitchell

Suzanne Benjamin, VICTIMS, Menan Films Ltd, David Bryant


Short Films

Sasha Williams, THE NUMBERS GAME, Storybookers, Norman Bailey

Teresa, WINTER'S HILL, Visual Vybe Productions, Alex Lawton

G.P., BLAST FROM THE PAST - Big Pink Production, Simon Wilson

Joan, OKAY MUM - Eva Lanskay

Dr Paula Johnson, UASC  A REFLECTIVE STORY - That's Bellion Film Production Ltd, Gareth Fient

Frieda, KNOCK DOWN GINGER, Rooted Productions Ltd, Cleo Samoles-Little

Lady Susan, LADY SUSAN, The National Trust, Michael Henery

Sarah, FRED'S STORY, Little Glass Pictures, Patrick Ryder

Carol, SAUDADE, Bleeding Key Productions, Andrew Bruce-Lockhart

Diane, DEEP BREATHS, Fient Productions, Gareth Fient

Katie Inkleworth, MANO A MONO, 3rd Story Productions Ltd, Saranne Bensusan

Sarah, CRUSHED, Lumino Films, Jane Sanger

Dr Rachel Sanders, B4, Little Glass Pictures, Patrick Ryder

Jazz Club Hostess, THREE DAYS (TEASER), Scruffy Bear Pictures, Darren S Cook

Sophie's Mother, SCARRED (TEASER), Celtic Star Films, Richard Wheildon

Annabelle (Lead), THE CROSSING, Parker Productions, Casey Parker

Helen, CONSEQUENCES, 3AngryMen Productions, Guy Saville

Sharon Warner, EXCESS, Potato Clogrum Productions, Declan Burley

Isabelle, SOLO, Ravensbourne, Charlotte Simpson

Gina, IN PASSING, Frame of Mine Productions, Kirk Humphris

Nurse Anne, COLLIDE, Decagon Films, Zoltan Csirko

Kelly, TIGHT ROPE, Unknown Poets Productions, Makalla McPherson

Mrs Williams, MY FORBIDDEN THOUGHTS, Moosa Salamati




Mum, JOHN LEWIS, Riff Raff 2 Ltd, Ben Liam Jones

Mother, OTTO, Element E, Dorian Lebherz & Daniel Titz

Head Mistress, MCVITIES, Rattling Stick, Andy McLeod

Wife, SMOKE SCREEN, KameraJay, Joao Da Silva

Stepmother, NSPCC/CHILDLINE, 3Angrymen Productions, Guy Saville

Woman Traveller, MILESTONES TRAVEL, The Broadcast House, Rob Heard

Lady in Lift, MECCA BINGO, BMTV, Jules Heynes




Helen Ingdale, IN AT THE DEEP END, Grain Media, Sian Buckley

Office Worker, AVAYA, Direction Group, Gary Wales

Marie, NATIONAL FAMILY MEDIATION, 452 Media, Ged Maguire




Wilma, PILLOW, Soho Theatre, Myriam Raja (NFTS)

Anne Harding, ASHES, Soho Theatre, London, Tony James

Mickey Dikes, THE ODD COUPLE, Rose Bruford College, Tony James

Hannah Jelkes, THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA, Rose Bruford College, Lucie Harrison

Sister Felicity, SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER, Rose Bruford College, Lucy Harrison

 Josie, STEAMING, Rose Bruford College, Tony James