“ From the moment Sharon walks on set, her performance shines through with excellent knowledge of the script and her given character, allowing for a smooth set of takes when we come to shooting Sharon’s scenes. Alongside her incredible presentation, her set etiquette is above and beyond. Sharon is an absolute pleasure in every way and we look forward to the next time we get the opportunity to work with her. Terry Coker Director/Writer Cobra Films

i am hooligan 1.jpg

“Sharon Lawrence is a director’s dream for casting as she is a very versatile actress and can play many different characters beautifully. She is professional and an absolute joy to work with.”  Director, Steven M. Smith (Essex Boys: Law Of survival, I Am Hooligan, Borstal)

I've worked with Sharon on two feature films and each time, I have found her to be both professional and good at taking direction. Regardless of production size, Sharon always arrives ready to work. She's a committed actor with a positive attitude who enhances any project she works on. 

Anthony Ejoh-Abuah, Director (Mona, Woolwich Boys) AEA Films 

"I was looking for a strong lead actress to play an emotional character in my award winning short film Mano a Mono and Sharon gave an outstanding performance. I found Sharon was able to get into character quickly and portray difficult emotional scenes that made the character convincing and engaging to watch. Sharon went on to be nominated for 'Best Actress' for this role at the Maverick Movie Awards in 2016, an accolade well deserved. 
I enjoyed working with Sharon. She is professional, committed, and works hard to deliver the vision of the film. I would very much like the opportunity to work with Sharon again.

Saranne Bensusan - Writer and Director 'From The 3rd Story Productions Ltd'

"I have been working with Sharon for some time, there are no words to describe her commitment and hard work. Sharon is not only a fantastic actress but her ability to adapt to changes on set are amazing.  What I also love about Sharon is her willingness to promote the projects she is a part off, consistently.  She has a great following online which is a great asset for any performer in today's ever changing times."

Aaron Thomas - Producer and Director 'Fruit District Group'

"Sharon is a pleasure to work with, a truly committed professional.  She delivers her lines with a precision that makes acting look easy, but it is her commitment prior to filming that ensures for an efficient fully focused shoot and creates that illusion.  Sharon is totally reliable and importantly is a popular and helpful member of any team." 

Michael Wearing, Producer and CEO of That's Bellion Film Production, and Rob Knox Film Festival Director

"It was a pleasure to work with Sharon on the set of 'Witch'.  She is very punctual, and hard working with a professional approach at all times.  Sharon takes direction very well and is a very good communicator, always listening and offering suggestions too which is always brilliant to see.  I would certainly recommend Sharon to other film-makers, and look forward to working with her again soon."

Trev Hayward- Writer and Director 'Seventh Dream Ventures'

"I had the pleasure to work with Sharon on a recent film project where she took the role as one of the lead actresses. Sharon arrived on set, focused on achieving the best performance in that role. She delivered a pitch perfect performance, showed creative flare and a real natural ability to read the scene and what I the director was looking to create. I would feel extremely privileged to work with Sharon again on a future project as I found her personable and professional throughout the shoot, a mark of a truly talented actress."

Patrick Ryder - Award Winning Film Maker and Director – Little Glass Pictures – ‘B4’

"Sharon is an enthusiastic and committed actress who gives a well considered performance. She really gives a believable characterization and portrays the role with sensitivity and good emotional range.  She is a pleasure to work with, well liked by other cast and crew.  I would recommend her to any Director."

 Jane Sanger, Director of Lumino Films


"I had the pleasure of working with Sharon on the short crime drama 'Out' which I directed and co-produced.  Sharon is a dedicated, dynamic and conscientious actress who can display a wide range of emotions with ease.  I look forward to working with her again in the future."

Alex Lawton, Visual Vybe Productions 

"It was a pleasure to direct Sharon Lawrence in a short promo for an adaptation of the book SCARRED by Sophie Andrews.  An actor who is smart, savvy and came with a deep understanding of the script and an enthusiasm that was contagious...how could you not consider her a welcome addition to any shoot?  Naturally I will be keeping an eye out for her work and will no doubt be in touch over future projects."

Richard Paul Wheildon - Furfacefilms - 'Scarred'

"Cant explain how much this lady brightens up a scene. A pleasure to work with, direct and to simply know. Sharon Lawrence is that leading lady role. A film would not be complete without her in frame."

Darren S Cook - Director - Scruffy Bear Productions

"Sharon is an inspiring, professional and collaborative actor, she is incredibly patient and a sheer joy to work with and have on set.  I only hope she is available for our next production and literally cannot recommend her enough!"

Matt Mitchell - Co-Owner Writer/Director at Lost Eye Films Ltd - 'Gangsters, Guns and Zombies'


"Sharon was a wonderful member of the cast of Victims, very professional and buried herself in a very difficult role. An actress I would definitely work with again in the future."

David Bryant, Director - Bryant Brothers Productions - 'Victims'


"Sharon is a wonderful actress. Sharon is prompt, enthusiastic, and professional. She is a delight to work with on and off the camera, and really is a great actress. I will definitely look to work with Sharon in the future!"

Alex Gylanders, Director - Q23 Productions - 'The Profession'


"Sharon is a surprising actor who is able to quickly adjust her character accurately on set with very little direction. She is currently a main actor in my new film and I am so pleased she is. She has stepped into the role with great enthusiasm and put faith (which is no small thing) in our capability to create exciting scenes which requires a lot from each actor. She is my new star."

Maurice Smith – Onview Director – ‘Dark Matter’


"I can highly recommend Sharon as an actor and collaborator. A versatile and talented performer she is great to have on set and on the team as her professionalism and enthusiasm adds to make the best possible project. I have worked with Sharon on my short film 'Collide. Her being enthusiastic and professional from day 1, during rehearsals and shooting days makes me say that it was great working with her, and I would recommend her without hesitation."

Zoltan Csirko - Decagon Films - Writer/Director of 'Collide' 


"Sharon was an absolute pleasure to work with on our Childline shoot. Not only was she chillingly menacing as our step-mum character, but she was also a model professional, taking all direction well and hitting her marks every time. Her utter reliability really helped us out on a shoot with such a tight schedule. It would be a pleasure to work with her in the future." 

James Dunlop - Producer - 3angrymen Productions - 'Childline'


"Sharon is a wonderful actor and I think she played the part of Isabelle really well! It's hard to be emotional and sad on cue and she did great!"

Charlotte Simpson - Producer/Director - ‘Telephone Call’ 


"As I watched Sharon read from the script and act out I was drawn to her very natural approach to acting. I've seen many people who just try too hard when acting and it makes watching them quite awkward, but not with Sharon. I'm excited to see the end product which I know will be great!" 

Chloe - Producer -  'The Crossing' 


"Sharon was a joy to work with!  She took direction well and portrayed the anguish of her character perfectly.  She has a natural ability to take on a difficult role and make it believeable. Excellent and professional actress!"

Casey Parker - Director - 'The Crossing'


"We just want to say that we are so very pleased you took part, Sharon, as you come across really, really well in the piece and the client loved you! We think you're terrific in it!"

Ged Maguire and Carol Gardner - 452 Media - 'National Family Mediation' 


"Sharon is a great lady to work with, very enthusiastic about particular scenes and characters to get inside of.  I'd love to work with her again on another piece of acting work."

Kirk Humphris - Director 'Frame of Mine Productions'